Scenic Bird Food

For over 25 years, Scenic has been the name to trust in feeding exotic birds.

Welcome to Scenic Bird Food—we develop and manufacture foods for macaws, cockatoos, parrots, lories, budgies, mynahs, toucans and finches. This is all we do. We are solely devoted to the feeding and care of exotic pet birds.

Since 1985, Scenic Bird Food has been dedicated to the nutrition and care of pet birds. Take a brief tour of our web site to learn the proper techniques and foods to feed our feathered friends.

We distinquish ourselves in many ways. We have developed our bird foods over a long period of time and carefully improve them as new research studies become available. We continuously study the eating behaviors of birds in captivity as well as in the wild to learn new ways of meeting their social and nutritional needs. As a result, Scenic Bird Food has been fed to many multi-generation and diverse species of birds with great success. Next, our foods and feeding techniques provide diverse menus that match bird behavior in the wild. And best of all, our foods are based upon published scientific research.

Give us a chance to show you how our foods and techniques result in healthier and happier birds, and bird owners.

As always we are grateful to the professional bird owners and scientists who have helped us develop these foods and techniques.


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