Food Goals

Our full line of foods offers you choices for your bird at any stage of life.

Product Quality

Scenic Bird Food is manufactured to the following standards:

  • Formulae are based upon published scientific research and the judgement of qualified professionals
  • Ingredients are selected based upon AAFCO specifications
  • Manufacturing is performed by companies that maintain certifications in GMP and keep them current
  • Quality control is achieved through rigorous and relentless review and testing of ingredients and final products

Food Goals

  • Foods are shaped to improve feeding techniques, ease of manipulation, and low waste
  • Shelf life is managed by natural means
  • Foods should be economical without sacrificing quality

Testing and Verification

  • Foods should be appropriately tested for long periods of time to insure that the second, third and following generations are viable
  • Testing should be verifiable and published in reputable scientific journals when possible
  • Specifications should be identified, justified, and verifiable through independent testing

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