Literature Downloads

The following documents contain information about the company, our research and food products.

Scenic's "List of Firsts"
Scenic: The Industry Innovator (PDF)

Research Articles
Nutrition of Caged Birds, Formulated Diets Versus Seed Mixtures for Psittacines
Duane E. Ullrey, Mary E. Allen, David J. Baer

Nutrition of Psittacines
Client Information Series™ for Veterinary Practice Medicine

Fact Sheets
Application of a Dry, Manufactured Diet for Multiple Lory Species (PDF)

Feeding Information
Feeding Conversion (PDF)
Feeding Advantages of a High Quality Diet (PDF)

White Papers
Dry Lory Food (PDF)
What About Protein (for Psittacines)? (PDF)
The Truth About Seeds (PDF)
The Truth About Labelling (PDF)

Dealer Information
Dealer Application Form (PDF)

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