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What makes Scenic Bird Food different?

Bird behavior and socialization in the wild is focused on eating, breeding, and fleeing.

Scenic Bird Food is manufactured to the highest standards resulting in nutritionally balanced morsels. These morsels are then offered to the bird along with fruits, vegetables, nuts, and occasional meats and treats. For more information, please review the Feeding Conversion sections within each product.

The sizes, shapes and textures of Scenic Bird Food is meant to encourage the natural eating behavior of birds while guiding them toward nutritional responsibility.

Since there are many species living in diverse habitats around the world, it is not practical nor advisable to develop a different food for each one of them. Instead, birds in captivity must be cared for by offering them a stimulating variety of foods while controlling their lack of nutritional wisdom toward the foods we have to offer. And the foods we offer should meet their needs for eating and socialization, nutrition for growth and breeding, and energy requirements for playing and fleeing.

After twenty-five years, Scenic is a whole new way of feeding and caring for birds in captivity; we hope after trying our foods you will agree we have met these goals.

Scenic Bird Food is fed by owners, breeders, rescue centers, veterinarians and aviaries on four continents.

Having pioneered the revolution to replace seeds with manufactured foods nearly three decades ago, Scenic is now the predominant component of foods fed to exotic birds in zoological institutions, aquaria, and aviaries.

Jungle and Paradise Food

The Jungle and Paradise sizes are designed for medium to large parrots, like African Greys, who like to pick up their food. Available in three different flavors and two colors, these two sizes can also be mixed together to add more interest to your bird's food dish.

Hot & Healthy Cockatiels Food

The Hot & Healthy Cockatiel food is designed for smaller hookbills like Cockatiels and Love Birds. It has a spicy flavor they enjoy. This food has been scientifically formulated and tested. For the last twenty years, this food has extended the life of single adult birds and helped mated breeding pairs increase egg production.

ALLPREM Parakeet Food

ALLPREM, developed in Europe, and fed to your English budgie, Australian Monk, Quaker, or Ringneck Parakeet. This small food morsel is easy to feed and can be fed wet or dry to provide your bird maximum variety and eating enjoyment with or without fresh veggies.

High Energy Hand Feeding Food

High Energy Hand Feeding powder is used as a replacement for crop milk. It is pre-cooked to improve mixing, reconstitution, sterility, and absorption. It also contains essential fibers for early digestive tract development.

Scenic Weaning Food

Scenic Weaning Food changed how young birds are weaned and socialized. It also makes it possible to re-socialize adult birds returning them to the loving, beautiful creatures they were hatched to become.

Scenic Weaning Food for fledging and juvenile birds improves fledgling survival, reduces stress, and teaches important social and eating skills. This food is also used to create a lifetime "bond of trust" between you and your pet regardless of the bird's age. This food then becomes part of your birds eating behavior throughout its life. There are two different foods and two sizes depending on your pet. See our product description for more information.

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Scenic Dry Lory Food

Scenic Dry Lory Food is available as a small morsel or dry powder. Developed by Lory experts to eliminate the mess and spread of bacteria in the cage that are commonly caused by Liquid Nectar Solutions (LNS), it also mimics the natural feeding behavior of these beautiful birds. This food helps avoid captive starvation. It allows these birds to learn the feeding behaviors they evolved in the wild.

This food was developed by expert professionals and is recommended by avian, wildlife and zoo veterinarians. The study on Scenic Bird Food for Lories is available under Research Documents.

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